WWE Wrestler Dwayne Johnson Net Worth Hits $185 Million!

Winner of 17 WWE championships – Dwayne Johnson (popularly known as The Rock) is hitting new records every year. At the age of 17, he started his career as a wrestler & now he is doing extremely well as an actor.

rock net worth

Surprisingly, Rock still receives $3.5 million each year from WWE which makes him richest wrestler in the world after John Cena. Apart from wrestling, he makes millions of dollars from Hollywood films. He was paid more than $30 million for ‘Fast Five’ alone!

The rock first appeared in the film ‘Mummy’ where he played a character of Scorpion King. Guess what? Though this was his debut film, he made whopping $5 million!

For Dwayne, this success was not easy at all! He had just 7 bucks in pocket in year 1995, but now he is one of the richest person in the world at least in the field of wrestling.

So, how much The Rock makes each year?

The Rock net worth is estimated to be $185 million, however according to some sources rock’s yearly income is in the range of $255 million.

You will be surprised after knowing that, Rock earns 11 times more than John Cena, 8 times more than Hillary Clinton & 3 times more than Vin Diesel.

Rock has multiple streams of income which includes mainly wrestling & acting. Along with that he makes passive income through special appearance in events, endorsement & merchandise.

Dwayne has completed almost 20+ films but his highest earning was $40 million from recent film ‘Fast & Furious 7’. He has also played roles in TV series like Clash Time, America’s Book of Secrets & recently released ‘Ballers’. So, the Rock’s net worth from acting alone goes beyond $184 million.

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Reliance GigaFiber To Provide 1GBPS Broadband Service

Reliance is launching new services in India to provide internet experience at inexpensive rates. After the recent launch of Jio, Reliance is about to launch Jio Fiber broadband services.


Officially there is no information available about these plans but will be rolled out soon in about a month.

PhoneRadar, one of the leading tech website in India has unveiled the Reliance Jio broadband plans & they seems to be promising.

Plans are starting from as low as 500 Rs and with the highest plan, you can get up to 1 GBps speed. Right now, only Jio employees are getting this broadband sets for initial testing & you can expect it to be in market very soon.

In order to make this run, you will need to configure Jio apn settings & then you will be good to go! After applying right access point names, you can get upto 50 Mbps speed.

True Skate Hack for Unlimited Money & Free Maps

What Makes True skate hack So Impressive?

true skate hack

True Skate – An Introduction!

Love to execute skateboarding in your real life? Would you like to enjoy the most exciting skate game – True Skate? True Skate is an extremely popular single skate park games in which you can enjoy many additional features by in-App purchase. Well, no need to waste your money on enjoying features like unlocking all missions, unlimited slow motion and much more. The arrival of True skate hack will make it possible to have the true fun of the game without spending money.

Just before getting deep into hack tool, best is to get aware of some of the basic features offered by the game. True Skate is an amazing game which is perfectly based on touch physics to offer outstanding skateboarding experience to game lover. The entire game is executed in a beautiful park which includes ledges, grind rails, stairs, quarter pipes and hall pipe. In order to play the game to full effects, players are asked to make use of in-app purchase which involved real money. There is nothing to worry in terms of spending money as we have an impressive True skate hack tool for game lovers.

True skate hack – Inside Details Shared!

True skate hack is finally out which will allow players to enjoy this original skateboarding game without any worries of in-App purchase. This is an awesome hack tool which contains no pit holes and easily works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. In simple words, there is no need to root your device in order to enjoy the game. When you make use of the hack tool, it will become possible to unlock all skateparks along with slow motion mode.

There are many other awesome features which really make True skate hack a perfect option for game lovers. The only point of concern is the presence of many fake or scam hack tools which are of no use. The one mentioned here is a real good one and contains most powerful proxies to avoid banning. When you use the hack tool it will automatically unlock wheel color pack, all missions, unlimited deck images and plenty more.

True skate hack is easily available in just a few clicks. Just visit the official website and download the APK file. We guarantee there is nothing like viruses and malicious codes to hurt your gaming device. After downloading, install the hack tool and have enormous fun.

Yes, there would be still some guys bit worried about the application of True skate hack. It is worth to mention, the hack tool is developed by professional software developers and fully compatible with different gaming platforms. There is no other hack tool good enough to match the quality offered by the one mentioned here. The professional regular hackers do update the tool on a regular basis to serve game lovers with amazing skateboarding experience. Don’t waste a moment and treat True skate hack has a perfect golden opportunity which will fill your boring life with entertainment and fun.

Respawnables Hack & Cheats for Android (Updated)

End Your Search Here For Quality And Reliable Respawnables hack

respawnables hack

Respawnables – An Introduction!

Online and offline games app become an important part of our lifestyle and find ways of attaining quick entertainment. As a game lover if you want to have more fun, laugh and shoot just opt for Respawnables and search for an impressive Respawnables hack. Respawnables is basically an action packed game available in the form of third person shooter. It is the game to play in your free time and enjoy some nice moments of relaxation. You can either play the game offline or online for endless hours and that too without spending any money. Just complete the different challenges make an effort to join a strong team or kill them all. No matter, if you win or lose the game, still players will have blasting fun with this addictive shooter game. Now, in order to become the strong opponent and play the game with more resources, there is a need to make use of Respawnables hack.

Respawnables hack – A Perfect Online Generator

Making use of hack tools or online generators is must if you desire to play Respawnables with unlimited gold and cash. Our mentioned Respawnables hack will work with perfection no matter whether you are playing the 1 or 50th level. It is a compatible tool with Android and iOS devices which has caught the attention of game lovers worldwide.

There is nothing like the application of tough rocket science in order to use the tool. Just visit our official website, click on the “Hack button” and fill your account details carefully. With one click unlimited cash and gold will be transferred to your gaming account. Gone are they days, when players were asked to spend real money to attain virtual currencies of the game. With the use of Respawnables hack, players have nothing to worry in terms of installation and some of the APK. In simple words, you are not required to jailbreak or root your device in order to use the hack tool.

Exciting features of Respawnables hack

We will here further like to elaborate some of the exciting features of the hack tool, don’t miss the vital information.

  1.    Highly convenient to use. No need to download and install
  2.    Complete free from viruses and malicious codes
  3.    Professional developed and safe to use with anti ban feature
  4.    Unlimited Cash and Gold added in your gaming account every day
  5.    Highly secured proxies applied
  6.    Fully compatible with Android and iOS devices
  7.    Completely free. Nothing to pay anytime

Generally, game lovers are bit scared of using hack tools and cheats as they don’t to fill their gaming device with malicious codes and worries. With our Respawnables hack, we have set top standards and supreme quality is maintained. Game lovers who still have queries clicking their mind all the time regarding hack tool better are to check out reviews and get them erased in quick time. Respawnables hack has finally arrived; grab the opportunity with both hands!!

Pokemon Go GPS Hack Tool (100% Working Sep 2016)

Pokemon Go GPS hack – Latest Buzz In Gaming App World!

gps hack for pokemon go

Pokemon Go – Introduction!

Countless people keep on searching for an effective and safe Pokemon Go GPS hack but without much success. Pokemon Go has the most used mobile gaming apps which have completely revolutionized the gaming world. Pokemon Go is an exceptional free to play a game which was released around July 2016 worldwide. In the game, players are asked to use GPS capability of mobile phones to find, capture, train and battle gaming characters are known as Pokemon. In the game, the characters will appear in the same location of the players which make it more exciting and catchy.

The game was developed for both iOS and Android platform and developed by Niantic. Till date, countless players have enjoyed the game and dream of making use of a safe Pokemon Go GPS hack which will boost their chances of winning. Finally, the good news has arrived in the form of our hack tool which is free from rooting and jailbreaking demands.

Pokemon Go GPS hack – An Incredible Hack tool!

Our mentioned Pokemon Go GPS hack goes undetected and player’s account is kept safe. As a player, you need to be very cautious and don’t overuse the hack tool. The tool is perfectly designed for the game lovers who play Pokemon Go occasionally and for fun. It is tough to state any other hack tool will provide the high-level of security and makes it possible to hack Pokemon Go GPS with ease. Already many players have got their gaming account banned by using scam tools.

Pokemon Go is a huge and internationally acclaimed mobile gaming app with a system which is tough to beat. Definitely, the situation has changed a little after the arrival of Pokemon Go GPS hack, is easy to use and effective.   The application of hack tool will allow players to spoof the GPS data placed to the Pokemon Go app and provides a fake location to the app.

Already mentioned, the hack tool is just for fun so never use it excessively. The developers of hack tool are making their best efforts to update the tool and make it more reliable. Still, there is a lot to achieve and take your gaming experience to another level with the use of Pokemon Go GPS hack.


Pokemon Go is a location-based reality game has completely rocked the world of game lovers with its exciting features and unique gameplay. We all love those lovely Pokemon characters and treat them as the perfect source of entertainment. Hacking GPS is imperative but still proper precautionary methods should be taken well in advance. Only quality hack tools will make it possible to hack Pokemon Go GPS, avoid the ones available on unreliable sources. Checking out reviews will further get you inside details about our Pokemon Go GPS hack. The mentioned hack tool is definitely best in the business and comes with an immense potential to offer huge fun in quick time.