WWE Wrestler Dwayne Johnson Net Worth Hits $185 Million!

Winner of 17 WWE championships – Dwayne Johnson (popularly known as The Rock) is hitting new records every year. At the age of 17, he started his career as a wrestler & now he is doing extremely well as an actor.

rock net worth

Surprisingly, Rock still receives $3.5 million each year from WWE which makes him richest wrestler in the world after John Cena. Apart from wrestling, he makes millions of dollars from Hollywood films. He was paid more than $30 million for ‘Fast Five’ alone!

The rock first appeared in the film ‘Mummy’ where he played a character of Scorpion King. Guess what? Though this was his debut film, he made whopping $5 million!

For Dwayne, this success was not easy at all! He had just 7 bucks in pocket in year 1995, but now he is one of the richest person in the world at least in the field of wrestling.

So, how much The Rock makes each year?

The Rock net worth is estimated to be $185 million, however according to some sources rock’s yearly income is in the range of $255 million.

You will be surprised after knowing that, Rock earns 11 times more than John Cena, 8 times more than Hillary Clinton & 3 times more than Vin Diesel.

Rock has multiple streams of income which includes mainly wrestling & acting. Along with that he makes passive income through special appearance in events, endorsement & merchandise.

Dwayne has completed almost 20+ films but his highest earning was $40 million from recent film ‘Fast & Furious 7’. He has also played roles in TV series like Clash Time, America’s Book of Secrets & recently released ‘Ballers’. So, the Rock’s net worth from acting alone goes beyond $184 million.

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